Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

It's kind of weird to be reading the BBC's News site and then finding out that one of their columnists has remembered that today is Thanksgiving. Because, what I did today:

- Got up
- Showered
- Ate breakfast
- Biked to work
- Worked
- Read Mark Mardell's column
- Realized today was Thanksgiving

I've always felt kind of guilty about Thanksgiving--I'm rather disconnected emotionally, and I'm always under the impression that I should be more thankful than I am. That is, I am plenty thankful that I have a family, a loving boyfriend who is taking care of our 3 kitties, the 3 kitties, a job, a nice roof over my head (now that it's no longer leaking), and money to do the things I want. Mostly. That is, I'm always pretty grateful for these things, and a lot more (that it usually rains during the day or during the night but not during my commute, for instance), like how lucky I am that most of the people I've happened to run into are friendly, or at least not intolerable, etc etc.

So I just don't feel like I need to feel extra-thankful on Thanksgiving. I guess that's why, in terms of holidays, oddly, it's the one that I really don't miss much. Christmas and New Year's is also done in the Netherlands, and there's a Dutch version of Veteran's Day and the summer vacation season resembles a long, protracted Labor Day. But there's no European equivalent of Thanksgiving, and, frankly, I couldn't care less. I never did like turkey.

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