Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tweebly drama

On Thursday night I got a phone call from Boy at 1 am, saying that the Tweeb had diarrhea-and-no-it-wasn't-just-soft-poo, horking, wouldn't look at her food (very alarming in a cat that is always hungry), and was hiding under the sofa. The Tweeb has renal failure, so this was Very Bad News. He called the vet first thing on Friday morning, and my boss, upon hearing the VBN, sent me home early, so I got home in time to accompany the Tweeb to the vet.

The vet poked and prodded but couldn't find any physical cause for the sudden deterioration--she had been fine Thursday morning, yowling up a storm for her breakfast. Sub-cutaneous (sub-Q) fluids were given, and she handed me two cans of Science Diet a/d and an odd syringe with a ring around the plunger. The directions: force-feed the Tweeb, as much as she can take, and give 1 "click" of the stuff in the syringe (that's what the ring was for) to settle her stomach and make her poops solid again.

This morning, after a whole night of hiding under the bed, she got out from underneath the bed, and ate. On her own.

Here's hoping everything passes.

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