Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday morning randoms

I'm usually a bit lazy about linking to a lot of pages. I know I should do it more often but I doubt many readers would sympathize with why I love Nature Protocols and related sites, which is where I spend a substantial portion of my Internet time most days. But I do procrastinate plenty. I usually just can't procrastinate enough to make a blog post of it.

But since I am taking a long weekend, and since I am not checking my email *resists urge to check work email*, and since I'm in a share-y mood, I figured: here's a list of stuff I like. If you need help procrastinating, there's nothing better. It's random, completely unrelated to life as an expat, and interesting. Well, to me, anyway.

Slate, which is a pretty decent news magazine and links to several interesting blogs as well, has a rather creepy piece about mummified grandmas in Japan.

Marie Claire's bit about stay-at-home dads is interesting because the writer insists on calling good stay-at-home dads "trophy husbands" and refers to them as "status symbols". Although the egalitarian side of me rebels against this practice, I don't think many men would actually mind being considered trophies. Male vanity is peculiar and vastly different from females.

Ramit Sethi's site is crass and his humor tends to be vulgar. However, I am (going to be) signed up for his Earn1K course, because I know nothing about freelancing, which is what I want to do as a side gig. At the very least it will provide lots of interesting fodder for cross-cultural observations for this blog.

P. Jonas Bekker is a good friend of ours who stole my job writes stuff. He's a Dutch guy whose usual medium is (possibly I'm mistaken) poetry, but he also has a fair collection of interesting, wildly amusing and/or litearary noir stuff in English.

And lastly but hardly leastly is Birdpix. The site is in Dutch and so are the forums, but it hardly matters. OMG I want to shoot like that.

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