Monday, February 7, 2011

My Big Splash

Hidden Waterfall

About two weeks ago I made up my mind to quit dithering around already and start doing what I want to be doing for a living (hence the intermittent angst). This has led me to two interesting observations about myself: 1) I either hyperfocus or have ADHD the likes of which make an eight-year-old seem calm and sedate, and 2) working around the clock really sucks, but only because the clock is too small. If I could make the day longer by another four hours...oh, who am I kidding? I'd want another four.

I haven't been able to say in ages.

Strangely enough, it's the entrepreneurial side of hack-work (as I like to think of all the writing that I do in the interest of generating money) that I find fascinating, chasing leads, writing proposals, tweaking the formula to figure out just exactly what works. And yes, I also think of this blog as work--keeping in good form--constantly generating content--and it kicks my ass on a regular basis.

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