Sunday, March 27, 2011


Poof: March is almost over, and so is my month of not taking myself or anything else too seriously. I'm pretty happy with what I've managed to get done--renewing my baking skills, some financial planning-ahead, flexing the writing muscles, rediscovering how to draw. Time certainly flew by, and now it's time once again to buckle down and get sh*t done.

Poof: 'Tis the season, sadly, for posters of missing cats. I love cats (obviously) and while I completely sympathize with someone who's lost theirs, I also tend to think that they got what's coming. For Chrissakes, you let a small, furry, oft-dark-colored animal run around next to a busy street; it gets into other people's gardens--people who have no compunction about using pesticides and herbicides and God-only-knows what to get beautiful plants; where people regularly walk their dogs without a leash...seriously, it'd be more of a miracle if they didn't disappear.

Poof: An hour of my day has vanished. Usually I'm pretty aware of the start of Daylight Savings, but this year it caught me by surprise. Fortunately my boyfriend had the wherewithal to adjust our alarm clock, but it's been a little discombobulating all day.

Poof: Changes to the area around Millingerward mean that there were no signs of the released beavers this time around. Was I just not looking hard enough? Or have they gone, migrating to less industrialized places along the Waal? Hard to say; I'm planning to do another epic ride (+20 km) in a couple weeks to find out for sure, and maybe shoot some snails in the bargain. I am definitely looking forward to the start of baby season, when the konikpaarden start foaling. It's amazing to watch a baby basically fall out of its mother and then get up 15 minutes later--from a safe distance, of course. The wild horses of the Ooijpolder aren't really all that wild--you can walk through a herd and they can get quite close while snuffling for foliage (unlike most horses, they eat leaves as well as grass)--but going near a momma and her baby is just asking for trouble.

Poof: While I've always liked tea, these past few weeks I've become convinced that nothing magicks away problems like a nice hot mug of good, loose-leaf tea. We have two tins of it from a gift basket that I'd constructed by never managed to give, and recently I've started making some every day. I may not believe in God, but heaven is a cup of good tea.

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