Monday, June 20, 2011

Up and outta here

Things have been crazy busy here: this past weekend was Karel's yearly birthday-bash which, as usual, turned into a madhouse of baking, cleaning, more baking, and oh-yeah-there-was-a-job-interview somewhere in that mess, as well as a repairman who came by to fix our water heater.

I've got about another day's worth of cleanup to do--not that the mess was that big, but having guests for two days straight means not being able to vaccuum as thoroughly as I need to, which means that my allergies to Noodle have kicked up and, were it not for loratadine, I'd be a lot more miserable than I am now.

Plus, for some reason, this entire month has been raining. I want to get to the kaasboerderij to take some pictures of the place, but it's a twenty-minute bike ride, and not something to idly risk when the clouds are as ominous as they are. So maybe we'll get lucky today or tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are a ton of leftovers that want dealing with, so I'll leave this post at that and wish you all a happy week. Regular post coming at some point soon.

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