Sunday, January 29, 2012

Moving along

After much consideration, I've decided to formally move into the world of freelance work. I've been getting "ithcy feet" for a while, actually--it's what happens when your job can be done by a few trained monkeys, until something goes disastrously wrong (which happens more often than my boss would think, apparently). And also, the financial situtation in the sciences has only gotten worse, and as of March I will be officially unemployed again.

However, until that happens, I will be using the time to set up my own company, and Karel will be delighting in that holy-of-all-holies, the pass to the Makro (Dutch equivalent of a Costco) which I would receive automatically as a small business owner. And of course, drumming up business, post-business. There's a vet visit somewhere in there, too--blood panels and yearly checkups.

So basically, this is a shameless plug for photography gigs. If you or someone you know of is hosting a gathering where they want pics; or if you want photos of something or somewhere or someone, shoot me an email. My sample pics are all over the blog, so if you like the work that I've done and would like me to do it for you, let me know.

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  1. I don't have any photo gigs at the moment but I wish you a lot of luck.