Friday, June 29, 2012

Nyah Nyah

I went to Maastricht today, at the request of the Scientific Integrity Committee (capitalized for Importance).  The professsor who headed it had some questions he wanted to ask, and he wanted to hear from both sides.  I saw this as a chance to meet up with a prof I've been doing some work for, maybe see how my old lab was doing, get some shopping done (it is Maastricht, after all), and have dinner with Random Walks Dave.

It was quite a pleasant day, actually.  Even after the professor told me that he'd invited An Moens later that day to hear her side (should I have warned him what he'd be in for?).  Even after hearing that An has been spreading rumors and lies to besmirch my reputation.  Even after I realized that for me to keep above this plagiarism fiasco (and there is no other way to describe this) is to ask that the paper be retracted.

I considered, on the way home, responding in kind:  pasting all of the eye-popping rumors which I'd garnered today, expounding on the outrage of the one student who had the guts to tell An "no" (I, on the other hand, simply left), and generally expanding on the theme of what a terrible person she is.

But I won't.

Instead, I'm going to fling the biggest insult I can think of all over the Internet.  I'm going to detail the ways in which my life has been happier and better since I left her lab:

  • I am surrounded by love.  I have a boyfriend who loves and respects me, and cats who...well, they adore the food I give them, at least.  And I love them in return.
  • I am doing the work that I love, with people who respect what I do and whom I, in turn, also respect. And I'm frickin' paid to do it.  How awesome is that?  
  • I go to sleep at night thinking either about how awesome the day was, or how much better tomorrow will be.  I wake up glad that it's a new day.
  • I have the luxury of being able to screw political expedience in favor of what's right.
  • I am never confused by which lie I told to what person, because I don't have to lie to get what's mine.
  • I get to spend my days grumbling at misplaced subjects, writing about things that I care about (that I think you'd be interested in reading), making good food, whinging over Dutch homework--living, instead of being consumed by petty rumors and hates.
  • This year, I am going to be married and have my first child.  How much more wonderful does life get?  


  1. I enjoyed having dinner and catching up with all of the things going on in life. You've got a lot of great things going on - 'looking forward to hearing that the authorship gets resolved and seeing pix of the new arrival!

  2. Dinner was fun. I've decided to request that the paper be completely retracted because one of the co-authors is a known plagiarist, and the way An "writes" papers...oy. There were some changes to it, but I can't be certain that any of them are legitimate.

    Hehe, you're going to have to wait a while for the pics ;-)