Tuesday, October 23, 2012

€12 Entertainment Center

You read that right:  a €12 entertainment center, with surround-sound and HD quality, 42" screen, and live streaming.  Reception is a bit flaky, but otherwise it keeps the cats amused for hours.

We have two window-feeders which are suctioned to the outside of the Little It's room, and ever since the birds discovered their existence, they've been going after the suet balls like there's no tomorrow.  It's not hard to understand why they like them--at 2 stories above the ground, there's no chance of getting attacked by cats, and the feeders aren't sturdy enough to allow the bigger magpies and pigeons to steal all the food.  It's a short distance from the nearest tree, too, so they can get back under cover if they feel threatened.  And although Shadow and Noodle can't reach them, it's easy to understand why they might feel a bit uneasy, with a pane of glass the sole thing separating them from the cats as they eat.

Still, the suet balls have seen quite a bit of damage.  And the cats--Shadow, especially--love to sit in the windowsill and watch them.  They're surprisingly good about being still and quiet and not scaring their little visitors away, even though I'm pretty sure that, given half a chance, they'd massacre every last bird that dared show its face.

We get mostly great tits at the feeders; they're the most common in this area and are easily recognizeable by their little yellow breasts (one of the most unavoidably pornographic sentences I've ever written).  Birds which may or may not visit our feeders include goldfinches (which are more red than yellow), green finches (which are actually brown), dunnocks, and blue and long-tailed tits.   Our little couch potatoes don't seem to care about who visits, as long as they eat plenty of seeds.  

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