Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bummed Out

If your husband--or you, or your cat, or your kid--is anything like mine, there is no other visceral pleasure quite like wiping your bum with a moist towelette.  I enjoy the extra bit of cleanliness, myself.  However, I do not enjoy paying €2 for a packet of this --> every month:

Now, I'll be the first to say that €2 is chump change.  It (usually) won't break the bank.  But it's about more than money.  The suction cup it hangs from (not shown) is great to keep for future crafts, but it's such a shame to toss out the little handy-dandy door-thingy that you can pull the wipes out of.  It's perfectly serviceable once it's empty--you just have to figure out how to refill it.

And that's the evil of Edet:  they want you to keep paying for their bum wipes with the suction cup that lets you hang the package above the toilet paper and the little door that keeps the contents moist.  They know that other companies, like Page, whose bum wipes do not come with these handy little things, are a paltry imitation of the sheer brilliance of their product. The wipes themselves are more or less the same. The price difference is about 25%, and it is entirely about the packaging. Without the little door, the adhesive eventually wears out, and the flap hangs open, letting the moist wipes de-moisten, so that when you reach in for a little shot of bum-cooling wetness, you get something that feels like cardboard instead.

 But what if you could take the contents of a Page packet and put it into an Edet container?  Enter this:

OK, I'll be the first to admit my tastes aren't all that refined when I'm having a chocolate craving.  But more important than the LION is the fact that it has a zip-lock closure.

It's a simple matter to cut off the zip-lock closure, cut a slit into the back of the empty Edet package (you could do it on the front, too, but the whole point of having one of these things is to be one of "those people" who don't have to jury-rig a reusable packet because they're too cheap to pay for a real one), and glue the zip-lock into the hole.  I suppose tape would also work as well, if you don't have a glue gun, but it's hard to find a good decent Scotch tape in the Netherlands.  Not to mention pricey.

And, voila--you have a reusable wet-wipe package.  

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