Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Updates on things in the works

Just thought I'd send y'all an update on what's going on with this blog, planned spots, and other stuff that I'm doing/would like to do next year:

  • First of all, I'm planning a photoshoot with Erin Corbett of Finding Friesland. Actually the shoot has nothing to do with Friesland, and everything to do with miniature horses. If you've got a hobby that's cool (or even one that's not-so-cool--I'm one of those talentless folks that thinks even knitting rocks) and would like a spot on this blog, complete with super-duper photos (er, well, we can try) and an interview that's not about the Usual Expat Stuff, contact me.
  • For those of you in Europe, I'm going to have a holiday-cookie giveaway. Comment below before December 10 if you want to receive a package cookies in the mail! (Mention any food allergies I should be aware of)
  • Posts will continue as always. If anybody is interested in writing a guest spot, again, please contact me. Do NOT send the complete text of the post, but rather a brief summary of your idea.
  • Moving the blog. Or rather, expanding into a paid version of Blogger. More features, more space, more layout options. Still up in the air at the moment.