Saturday, January 15, 2011

Meet the Boyfriend


I figured it was high time to introduce the man of my life to the rest of you, since he's a regular feature in my blog posts, as well as in my photos. No, I don't mean the FatBoy.

Karel and I met oh-dear-God-has-it-been ten years ago, in the United States. He'd come over for six months to finish a research project, and I had a summer job in the same lab. We bonded over Star Wars and our mutual desire to see Jar Jar Binks dissolve into a million green globs of intestinal goop.

He's a doctor, working as a perma-resident in the intensive care unit. As such, he's made it practically useless for me to get acquainted with the Dutch health care system--if I have an ache or a sniffle I just ask him (rather, whine to him--I know what I should be doing, but whining is fun when you're miserable) what to do.

He's not, as I've mentioned before,a typically Dutch guy. For starters, I come up to his chin, rather than to his belly button. For another, he cooks--and better than I do. And thirdly, he's about the biggest sucker for the Tweeb that I've ever met. She squawks at him, and he does her bidding. Oh, he'll try to stand her down, but we all know he's not the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

So that's the mysterious guy who haunts my photographs and makes cameos in my texts in a nutshell. He's what makes all the little rant-worthy crap that happens in my life worthwhile.

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