Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh Sh*t

So much for getting back to blogging...the Tweeb is sick again--horking and dripping tiny bits of diarrhea, with her limp being ever more pronounced. We'll be dragging her to the vet's as soon as they have an opening, but in the meantime, well, let's hope that she'll be okay.

EDIT: I called the vet shortly after posting this morning, and they said to bring her in, and leave her with them for the day. So I did, and went home, and started cleaning up the myriad little gushy-poops that the Tweeb had left. All. Over. The. Apartment.

The vet called back earlier today and said to come pick her up. They couldn't figure out what was wrong (not a surprise if it's viral) and the basic labs they ran showed that she might have liver problems on top of her kidney issues. We're hoping that the high reading is stress-related, but,'s the Tweeb. If anything can be explained that simply she'd just be any other cat.


  1. I hope Tweeb feels better soon :(

  2. She's doing better today. Eating on her own, asking for food...if it weren't for her pooping on the bed, things would be almost back to normal. I'm going to start weaning her off of the super-calorie food tomorrow.