Monday, August 29, 2011

Working working working

It's taken me exactly six months, but I've done it: I found a job.

Forgive me for withholding the details, but I expect that, as I keep blogging, I'll leak enough little details that, if you really wanted, you could find me with enough time on Google. There aren't that many Americans in Nijmegen. But that doesn't mean I need to make it easy on you ;-)

But I'm really excited about this, not because it's that exciting a job, but because it doesn't involve me taking a train to the other end of the country every day. I'd joked with Karel that I'll probably get an offer from Groningen one of these days--well, thank God I didn't: it's in Nijmegen, and so close to where we live that I can walk there, stop by our vet when the Tweeb is out of renal food on my way home, AND take language courses! It only took four years to work that out...

And honestly, after six months, I was starting to run low on topics to write about. Without a constant diet of low-grade frustration and bureaucratic shenanigans, and only Michele Bachmann to make fun of (and it's so easy it'd be downright unchivalrous) in the news these days, it's been hard coming up with Dutch-stuff. So hopefully there will be a new round of interesting observations about life in the Netherlands in the near future. None of them involving sick cats.

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