Friday, February 3, 2012


Karel, for all his wonderful qualities, remains a steadfast luddite in many ways.  It was only very recently, for instance, that I was able to persuade him to get an OV Chip card (one of the annonymous ones) and introduce him to the wonderful swipe-and-beep of the OV Chip reader.  Say what you will about the loss of personal connectivity between a bus driver and his passenger--when it's colder than balls out, any moment extra spent waiting outside is a moment too long.

Aside:  It came to my attention last week that some riders are saying that the OV system is too complicated.  That it should be easier--you should just be able to get on and get off the bus without remembering to uitchecken.  I get that the loss of €4 for forgetting to check out might be a hardship.  But you can only do that so many times before you start remembering.  Hell, if Karel can remember to check out, the rest of the world has no excuse.

Lately, though, it's come to his attention that social media might not be the pure evil that the likes of Dr. Phil make it out to be. I'm on Facebook (not under Jules, but under my real name), and I check it regularly to see what's going on in the world, to find out what my friends are reading, and in general just to keep up with people's lives.  It's a nice way to keep in touch with people who I don't see frequently.  It's certainly no substitute for one-on-one time, but it can keep the embers hot until everybody can get together for the marshmallow roast.

So one of these days, he might just start appearing on Facebook.  And then you can ask him whether everything I write here is true, or complete bullsh*t.  


  1. I love the way the cat seems to be keeping guard in the photo

  2. LOL, Shadow is quite a trollop when either of us are at the computer.