Tuesday, May 8, 2012


A while ago, I wrote a short story.  It was a pretty decent story, I thought, and I didn't hate it after it'd been sitting on my hard drive for two months.  I sent it to Bouke, who at the time was just starting up his online Dutch literary magazine, Hanta.  I never heard back from him about it, so I assumed that he was busy coding his website and putting together poems and stories and writing about literary events.  In any event, I was soon busy putzing about another lab again and the story sort of faded into the background of my memory. 
Then today, I got a message on Facebook:  the story was not only posted, but it was translated (and quite well).  If you want to read it, you can find the Dutch version here.  It is a very short story (3000 words, thereabouts), but it is a bit long to read in one sitting, so he's broken it up into four pieces.  I think he's captured the fussy and aesthetic air of Nigel West quite well.

Of course, I realize that not everybody reads Dutch.  So I will post the original text on Saturdays, linking back to the Dutch translation. 

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