Monday, May 7, 2012

What's been up

A lot, a little:  The Tweeb got sick again for three days.  Her usual illness, wherein she pukes and squits and hides in the closet and the only thing that saves her is rehydration via subQ fluids.  Even so, it was touch-and-go for an extra day, or three extra force-feedings, before she finally started not-hiding and eating on her own.

I've been giving her what we call "spoil the kitty food" all of Sunday.  STK food is a can of Gourmet Diamond food that comes in enticing flavors such as tuna-and-shrimp (in aspic) and beef (in sauce).  Normally the cats all get a can of STK once a week, on Saturdays, but in order to maintain her interest in food, and tempt her to eat again, I've resorted to outright bribery yesterday, much to Shadow's and Noodle's dismay and jealousy.  

After last night, when she demanded treats, we decided that she had recovered enough to go back on her normal diet, so this morning, it was breakfast as usual, except it was not "as usual"--she sniffed over her food and promptly ran to invade Shadow's dish.  Things never are, with cats.

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