Tuesday, March 18, 2014


I like to think that I'm a laid-back, pretty cool mom.  Kidlet falls down?  Give him a kiss if he's crying (usually not) and pack him off to play with his stuffed animals.  I took him to McDonald's today, for Pete's sake--we shared a meal of Chicken McNuggets and fries, though I did get milk instead of a soda. We're pretty relaxed about food and mealtimes--if he's not hungry, I don't make him eat; if he is, then I'll keep on feeding him as long as he'll eat it.  Dutch parenting, I'm told, is usually pretty hands-off, pretty relaxed, pretty go-with-the-flow. I don't know that many new parents, so I can't tell if it's actually true, but the new parents we recently visited actually looked as if they'd slept.  For a few hours, anyway.

There is only one area that I am rather strict about: how much sugar the kidlet gets.  This is in part because diabetes runs in my family, and horrific teeth in Karel's.  I don't want him developing a sweet tooth like Karel's--I have a bit of a sweet tooth myself, but I don't usually drink sweet things (juice, chocolate milk, or soda) and I prefer my sweet things a good deal less sweet than most people do.  But also, if he has a lot of sugar, he doesn't take naps, and it's hard enough to get him to nap as it is.

But I don't want him to develop a fixation for "forbidden fruits", as it were--this idea that sugar is bad and therefore he must have it all.  I had that same problem with ice cream and other sweet things when I first moved out--it was a few years before I finally was able to control myself  around things like cake and cookies. So I do let him have a bit--if the cashiers at the supermarket want to give him a cookie (and it's not too close to his mealtime) then yes, we accept a cookie.  Sometimes I make him a sandwich with hagelslag (don't ask me to explain why bread, butter, and sprinkles is so popular here) for a snack.  Sometimes I let him have juice for his dinner instead of milk.  Sometimes I let him have a cookie.  Sometimes.  But only a little bit.

I can't figure out if I'm being strict in order to be laid-back.  Or if I'm being laid back about sugar within strict boundaries.  Either way, I get the feeling that sh*t is going to hit the fan once the kidlet starts day care--especially if they provide snacks and juice.  

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