Saturday, March 15, 2014

Swing Baby Baby

I wish I could say that I came up with the idea of making a baby swing myself.  Well, actually, I did.  But the details for the project came from a certain sassy housewife who posted the directions on how to make a baby swing yourself for peanuts.  Literally--the wooden dowel, hanging hardware, and rope cost us a smidge less than €20; the one I made for the kidlet was made of an old bedsheet, doubled up, so I didn't even have to spring for the fabric.  We had a ton of fun with the swing, and we might still be having fun with it if the lashing holding the ropes tight hadn't come loose.  After that the swing threatened to toss the kidlet out every time he jiggled in it, so shortly after Christmas I took it down.

They don't do baby showers in the Netherlands, but kraambezoekers--mainly friends and family--usually bring something with them; either a treat for mom and dad or a present for the new arrival.  Maternity leave policies are generous in the Netherlands, so there's no pressure to visit the new family the minute the baby comes out.  So I had plenty of time to revamp the baby swing--cut out the bedsheet (now inexplicably stained by the kidlet), get new rope (i.e., tell Karel to get new rope) and hardware, and figure out how to sew a nice new seat. I'd bought the fabric last year, when I was feeling especially crafty, except I never got around to executing the craftiness I had planned for it.

And still, I waited until today--the day before our epic drive to Groningen--to do it.  As far as sewing projects go, it was a short one--two hours--but it still required that Karel deal with the kidlet, since sewing machines and kidlets are a terrible combination.  I keep meaning to get better about procrastinating on projects lie this.  But then I keep thinking, "I can always start tomorrow."  


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